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Justin Wong Confirmed!

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America’s number one Street Fighter is signed up and confirmed for West Coast Warzone 3!

Justin Wong is one of the world’s most talented and well known gamers and the undisputed king of fighting games in the western hemisphere. Justin holds the world record for Marvel vs Capcom 2 championships at EVO as well as winning titles in most, if not all American major fighting game tournaments. He is also the reigning Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 2 champion for West Coast Warzone. As the number one fighting gamer in America, Justin recently signed with Evil Geniuses, America’s most prestigious professional gaming team, as their flagship player in the Street Fighter division.

Justin’s legacy does not just stop at fighting games. He is currently a key cast member on WCG’s Ultimate Gamer Season 2 on SyFy, where he has proven that he is more than just fighting games. Overcoming both real life challenges and isolated gaming challenges, Justin is a contender to become the season 2 winner.

West Coast Warzone welcomes back champion Justin Wong as he had this to say:
“Ever since I missed WCW1 I felt really bad that I didn’t make it, so I was determined to come to WCW2 and I did. And let me tell you, it was one of the best tourneys I have ever been to. I won’t miss another WCW event ever again.” – Justin Wong

Justin Wong will come to defend his Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 2 titles come January 2011 at West Coast Warzone 3: California’s Premier Fighting Game Tournament.

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